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My Dog Requires Space - NeonDog Fluorescent Yellow Dog Lead Slip Cover

Our NeonDog lead slip is a fast and convenient method to broadcast a message without having to explain each time why your dog needs keeping away from other dogs etc. It simply slides over your existing dogs lead and fastens through the handle to keep it high and readable for others to see.

  • Our leads slips are professionally printed on both sides for maximum visibility, the print has a no feel finish, this means it feels part of the fabric and will last.
  • Our neon yellow lead slip colour will make the lead slip stand out from a long distance and make it more visible in low light conditions.
  • Fully machine washable, for best results use mild detergent and avoid the use of fabric softener and hang dry only (DO NOT TUMBLE DRY).
  • Available in 1 Sizes for all leads and can be attached through the handle or through the trigger hook close to the dog, ideal if you need to wrap the lead around your hand for close control.
  • All our lead slips feature a popper fastener for quick fitting and/or removal.


By on 01 May 2020 (My Dog Requires Space - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Lead Slip) :

Just what we needed!

Fits onto lead well & gives a clear message. Have had other dog owners ask me where it was from as they thought it was a great idea.

By on 04 Nov 2018 (My Dog Requires Space - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Lead Slip) :

Lead slip covers

I bought 2 My Dog Requires Space lead slip covers for my 2 reactive lurchers, they get nervous when approached by strange dogs/people and react by lunging and barking, I always have them under control via harnesses with a grab handle and leads, and I always over emphasize the fact that I need to restrain them when approached by dogs off lead, it still amazes me that people can see that I have 2 big dogs being restrained by the handles on their harnesses, sometimes up on their hind legs, snarling and barking, yet fail to even call their dog or attempt to put them on a lead, then as they pass give me the, you shouldn't have dogs like that look. My dogs are fine with others that they know and often play together off lead, when possible. I purchased the lead covers after finding NeonDog online and have to say that responsible dog owners do tend to attempt to recall their pets when they see us coming, which has made our daily dog walks more enjoyable and sometimes call out to ask before releasing their dogs. So its a very big thank you to NeonDog for a great product that actually works

By on 23 Jul 2018 (My Dog Requires Space - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Lead Slip) :

Great product

Very bright so it can be seen from a good distance. The fact that the word ‘SPACE’ is bigger than the rest of the writing really knows people to see it from a distance and keep their dogs away. Easy to wash and very good quality and also perfect for warmer weather when it’s too hot for a harness or vest. Only downside is that the lead I use is quite long so I normally wrap it around my hand but I can’t do that if the sleeve is on as people won’t be able to see it. I have been attaching it to the part of the lead nearest the clip and that works better for me. Great product and I’m very pleased with my purchase. Thank you.

By on 22 Jun 2018 (My Dog Requires Space - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Lead Slip) :


Does exactly what it says on the tin, perfect for my Frenchie who doesn't like big dogs running up to her.

By on 08 Jun 2018 (My Dog Requires Space - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Lead Slip) :

Great product

This stands out really well on the lead and people noticed it.

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