Anxious & Scared Of Other Dogs - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Coat Jacket


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Anxious & Scared Of Other Dogs  - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Coat Jacket

Our Neon yellow dog coat is the best method to broadcast a message due to its large surface area thus giving a larger print for people to read and react to without having to explain each time why your dog needs Space etc. It's simple design allows for quick fitting and the open front allows fitting for anxious/nervous dogs that don't like items going over their heads.

Our coats are professionally printed on both sides for maximum visibility. 

The neon yellow dog coat colour will make the coat stand out from a long distance and makes it more visible in low light conditions.

  • Fully machine washable 30°C on a low spin speed (900 rpm or lower recommend), and hang dry only (DO NOT: TUMBLE DRY, Iron or Dry Clean).
  • Available in 5 sizes catering for all breeds.
  • Printed on both sides for maximum awareness. 
  • All our coats feature hook and loop strap fasteners for quick fitting and/or removal.

Size Guide

Coat SizeTo Fit Neck SizeCoat Length*
(To fit 5 -  15cm short of the tail)
Girth SizeTypical Breeds
Size 126cm to 36cm23cm34cm to 44cmTerriers,
Size 232cm to 42cm28cm42cm to 60cmSmall poodles, Cockapoo,
Size 340cm to 56cm34cm48cm to 70cmStaffies, Greyhounds,
Size 444cm to 62cm38cm54cm to 76cmGerman Shepherds, Husky, Labrador, Border Collie
Size 554cm to 72cm45cm62cm to 90cmGreat Dane, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Bernese,

* Please note:- These vests not designed to fit the full length of the dog. They are designed to display your Space Awareness
message and typically fall 5-15 cm short of the dogs tail or two-thirds of your dogs length. 

Care Guide
Wash temp: 30°C
DO NOT: Tumble dry
DO NOT: Dry clean
DO NOT: Iron


By on 05 May 2021 (Anxious & Scared Of Other Dogs - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Coat Jacket) :

Answer to our problem...

One of our dogs, Bella, was attacked a couple of years ago and now barks at most dogs. Since she has started wearing this coat, other dog owners are giving her a wide birth and now understand why she is barking at their fur baby!

By on 06 Apr 2021 (Anxious & Scared Of Other Dogs - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Coat Jacket) :


This really helps when taking my dog out for walks. He barks at other dogs and people can now see why.

By on 21 Aug 2019 (Anxious & Scared Of Other Dogs - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Coat Jacket) :

Great great goods

It is perfect

By on 02 Mar 2019 (Anxious & Scared Of Other Dogs - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Coat Jacket) :

Dog jacket

This is great for getting the message across that I really don't want you to allow your dog to approach mine. My staffy is fear reactive so I love this statement. I didn't want one that suggested she is aggressive because she isn't, she just likes her own space...bit like me really, and this does make other owners aware there could be an issue if they get too close. It has created more interactions with complete strangers (without dogs) who want to make a fuss of her and she loves this. She loves people.
It's lightweight and shower repellent. I'm not sure how it will be in the summer months, I'm hoping it's cool enough for her.

By on 08 Dec 2018 (Anxious & Scared Of Other Dogs - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Coat Jacket) :

Scared dog

My poor boy went 9years without knowing pain , he is a gentle giant and he loved meeting other dogs until this summer when in two weeks he was attacked twice by two different Stephies , he became so terrified of any dog that he would try to get out of his collar to get away. Having put him in his coat people give him the space he needs, best product I’ve ever bought. Thank you.

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