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Space Needed - NeonDog Fluorescent Yellow Dog Arm Bands

Our NeonDog armband is a fast and convenient method to broadcast a message without having to explain each time why your dog needs space from other dogs etc. It simply Fastens around your arm which is quick and convenient to do. 

  • Available single in pack of 1 or pack of 2


By on 04 Sep 2018 (Space Needed - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Arm Band) :

Stay Away!

Good item, enough velcro area to fit many size of arm or over coats/jumpers etc. It's very visible and the writing easy to read from some distance away. You obviously still get the occasional idiot that fails to see this, the lead slip 'space needed' and her harness that is fluorescent yellow with 'Nervous' on it. But more fool them if they crowd our personal space and she growls. Having all of the 'signage' has given me more confidence when out and training with her, people have clear warning and I can focus on working with her and know that it's obvious there's a reason for our stop starting etc. I'm sure with another 6 months intensive training we'll have got through and over her fear aggression and won't need to use the arm band. But it will have been worth every penny!

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