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Allow ME Space - NeonDog Fluorescent Yellow Dog Lead Slip Cover

Our NeonDog lead slip is a fast and convenient method to broadcast a message without having to explain each time why your dog needs keeping away from other dogs etc. It simply slides over your existing dogs lead and fastens through the handle to keep it high and readable for others to see.

  • Our leads slips are professionally printed on both sides for maximum visibility, the print has a no feel finish, this means it feels part of the fabric and will last.
  • Our neon yellow lead slip colour will make the lead slip stand out from a long distance and make it more visible in low light conditions.
  • Fully machine washable, for best results use mild detergent and avoid the use of fabric softener and hang dry only (DO NOT TUMBLE DRY).
  • Available in 1 Sizes for all leads and can be attached through the handle or through the trigger hook close to the dog, ideal if you need to wrap the lead around your hand for close control.
  • All our lead slips feature a popper fastener for quick fitting and/or removal.


By on 25 Apr 2022 (Allow ME Space - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Lead Slip) :

As described and pictured, and good value

A good value product

By on 21 Apr 2019 (Allow ME Space - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Lead Slip) :

Really works

This product really does work. Other people now give my nervous dog space. Attaches easily to the lead.

By on 24 Jul 2018 (Allow ME Space - Fluorescent Neon Yellow Dog Lead Slip) :

Love it

I was sick of peoples off lead dogs coming over to my on lead dog, especially the ones that say oh my dog is friendly whilst its kicking off growling and snarling. well i saw this and thought i'd give it a go. it works a treat, so many people see the sign and recall their dog and put it back on a lead. it also stops people just coming over and stroking her.

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